Next Stop: United States of America

My next trip which will also be the first entry to my new blog is now set in stone, a shortish 8 nights trip to the United States of America.

I will split my limited time between two cities – Washington DC and New York City.

Here’s the first very rough draft of my itinerary:

  • Arrival at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Friday 28th July (flying in from Zurich, Switzerland via JFK with American Airlines).
  • Three nights in central Washington DC very close the The Mall.
  • Take the Amtrak to New York City Penn Station on Monday 31st early morning.
  • Four nights in New York City, Manhattan. Hotel is located right next to the Empire State Building.
  • Back to Washington DC via Amtrak again on Friday 4th July early morning for my last night (Independence Day – just realized this while typing, guess I’m lucky).
  • Enjoy the celebrations and fireworks in the capital as well as some last minute shopping.
  • Fly back to Zurich, Switzerland (again via JFK) on Saturday 5th July at around 3 pm.

This will be my second time travelling to the U.S. though the first time was just a very short 3 1/2 days NYC trip with a bunch of other guys ~7 years ago as a poor student hence I expect this trip to be much more enjoyable (more time and much higher budget).

Obviously there will be a lot photos and trip reports coming so stay tuned.




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